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Phonebook Access Profile

The Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP) is the most common profile used for the transfer of contact data between mobile phone and car. It is already included in all Android phones, but often has serious bugs that prevent proper data transfer. To further complicate things not all Android phones use the same Bluetooth software and/or PBAP implementation. So the transfer may work flawlessly with one phone, but fail with another.

The Bluetooth Phonebook app replaces the built-in Bluetooth Phonebook Access Protocol (PBAP) for many Android phones and fixes some known problems.

There are two possible problems that prevent the app from working:

  • The app cannot stop and replace the already existing PBAP implementation in the phone
  • The car does not use PBAP but a different profile

To find out if your combination of phone and car works please use the trial version available in Google Play Store. The only restriction of this version is that it changes one random digit in every phone number.


Phone Compatibility

The app works on phones that use a Bluetooth.apk system app similar to Android Open Source or with an older Broadcom Bluetooth stack.


Samsung phones should be compatible, except some older 2.x versions.


HTC phones should all be compatible.

Nexus phones, CyanogenMod and other AOSP based Custom ROMs

AOSP based ROMs are compatible. CyanogenMod may already contain some of the fixes.

MediaTek (MTK) based phones

MTK based phones are compatible beginning with Android 4.3. Older models use a completely different Bluetooth stack and may be compatible.


Please share your experience with different phones in the forum.


Car Compatibility

Some cars, especially older models, don't use PBAP, but other Bluetooth profiles to transfer contact data. To find out if your car uses PBAP simply run the Bluetooth Phonebook app and watch the "State" field below the Phonebook Access Profile. If it shows a "last connected to", your car has accessed the app.

If not, please try to remove all pairing information from car and phone and redo the Bluetooth pairing. If this still doesn't make the car connect to your phone it uses a different profile.


IrMC/SYNCH Protocol

Additionally to PBAP this app implements the Bluetooth IrMC/SYNCH profile supported by older car kits from Nokia and VW. IrMC/SYNCH profile only transfers contact data, no call lists. Some car kits support IrMC and PBAP.

Car kits that support only IrMC

Nokia 610/616, VW Premium (before ca. 2008)

Car kits that support IrMC and PBAP

Audi, VW and Porsche